Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Start of the blog:
                     Hello, Welcome to the first post of this blog, I have created this blog so that I can inform about game GunFire that we are developing for almost 1 year.


             GunFire is top-down real-time multiplayer shooting game with various weapons and maps. There are two teams (Blue and Red) in GunFire, they kill each other for limited period of time. Team with most kills win at the last.
GunFire is developed for Android platform but there are some possibilities for iOS too. The game is tiled based most of the things of maps are 64x64 pixels. 

Game Play:
           Players start with choosing their team (Red or Blue) and spawn after some seconds, Players kill each other to the end of round and their team gain point with each kill at the end team with most points will win. Players can buy weapons from shop in limited distance from spawn. There are many weapons available from knife to sniper.

        There is no release date for now because the game is still incomplete and we have to test much more things specially multiplayer, After the tests we will discuss the release date, but it is confirmed that game will be released on Play Store.

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